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Marked by a rare blend of insight and ambition, our diverse, dedicated team brings years of leading expertise in key luxury and marketing sectors. Although our experience spans a range of disciplines, our team shares a true passion for equipping luxury brands to build lasting connections. Interluxe has offices on both sides of the Atlantic to serve our global clients. 

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Emma Spencer, CEO of Interluxe

Emma Spencer

CEO & Founder

Emma is the President and Founder of Interluxe Group. Her marketing expertise spans decades of agency and client-side experience, working with a wide variety of clients in the automotive, travel and financial services business sectors. Emma has particular expertise in strategy and experiential marketing, corporate communications and CRM. Her category specialties are luxury automotive and lifestyle brands; specifically, brand experiences, product launches and public relations.

Before moving to the United States in 2008, Emma was the Client Services Director for a European experiential marketing agency, where she managed and guided the strategic objectives of her clients, specifically focused within the Volkswagen Audi Group. Since founding Interluxe in 2010 Emma has become renowned within the luxury marketing sector on both sides of the Atlantic for the depth of her understanding and the skill in her execution when it comes to creating a deep rooted attachment between a brand and its customers.

Jessica Rowe

Operations + Human Resources Department Head

Edward Gwyther

Logistics Director

Tracy Ciccone

Production Director

Michael DeLalio

Partnerships + Delegate Services Department Head

Sara Jackson Mitchell

Creative Director

James Kidd

Finance Director

Katie Cleland

Production Manager

Courtney Marine

Partnerships + Delegate Services Manager

Alex Smith

Delegate Services Coordinator

Sarah Olsen

Accounts RECEIVABLE + Payroll Consultant

Ashley Zorn

Production + Delegate Services Manager

Jack Bunker

Delegate Services Coordinator

Britney Abshire

Production + Delegate Services Coordinator

Stephanie Manigault

Environmental Designer

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