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We create brand experiences that move people.

In an age of information overload, consumers want to connect with something significant. Luxury brands have a meaningful story to tell. A story of spirit, a story of significance. The right brand experience can bring the two together. Interluxe is a boutique marketing agency focused on helping luxury brands build connections that resonate. Precisely targeted, purposefully deployed—our brand experiences spark lasting passion, moving consumers through acquisition to advocacy.

Our Approach

Harnessing emotion, intelligence and sophistication, Interluxe helps our partners reach their audience with powerful strategy and immersive brand experiences. Our focus drives customer acquisition and brand loyalty for clients in automotive, private wealth, travel and luxury goods. Depth distinguishes every step of our process, from our intensive discovery to the personal relationships we foster with our clients’ customers. 

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Our Work

Bold vision. Flawless execution. Be it strategic consulting and affinity partnerships or product launches and experiential activations, our work is expertly targeted to cultivate and strengthen brand-customer relationships.

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Our Team

Helmed by founder and CEO Emma Spencer, the Interluxe team is made up of talented marketing and media professionals from both sides of the Atlantic. We are flexible, approachable and dedicated, with a long history of leading successful luxury campaigns and productions all over the world. 

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Our Clients

Our distinctive approach to experiential marketing has helped us forge strong relationships with some of the world’s most celebrated luxury brands.